Writfun W120 is a portable and wireless handwriting greenboard. Based on our special patented LCD technique, it can be used as an electronic signature and digital notepad.
The device can store realistic handwriting to cloud platform and send real-time drawing to communication software.

▪ Wireless document transmission to cloud platform

▪ Long-lasting power usage

▪ Realistic hand-drawing performance

▪ Video/Audio handwriting recording

▪ Sync digital content to communication software


▪ Size:135 X 95 X 8 (mm)

▪ Weight:110g

▪ Battery:Li-polymer / 3.7V 850mAh

▪ Bluetooth:2.4GHz / 5 meters working distance

▪ LCD:CMLC / 4.7’’ (Active area)

▪ USB:Micro / DC input 5V / 500mA

Writfun W120
Digital handwriting files could be wirelessly transfer to main stream cloud storage services and communication softwares.
W120 may wirelessly link to smart devices such as iPhone/iPad/Android systems via Bluetooth connectivity. Users may synchronize real-time handwriting documents to third parties, such as storing /sharing digital handwriting creativities to cloud storage services and communication softwares.
Create realistic brush stoke for paperless digital signatures
WritFun W120 is well designed to create realistic digital signature for various business use, users may experience real-handwriting feeling while using the device. Suitable for organizations such as business, banking, insurance and industries which are using digital signature systems.
Light Weighted product design and long lasting battery life which is convenient to carry around
Writfun W120 is has light weighted product design, the body is only 8mm which is convenient for sales and business people to carry around. It may rapidly connect with digital devices to transfer handwriting to various formats of documents and files.

The exclusive WritFun W120 APP is avaliable to record digital video/audio documents, users may speak while writing to record video/audio digital handwriting notes. Documents could be saved to your smart devices or cloud platforms or shared by communication softwares.